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Acne Prevention and Acne Treatment

September 13, 2010 by acnetrea  
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While there is no cure for acne, there are plenty of treatments and many ways to reduce the risk of an acne break out, here are some tips.

While you can’t 100% prevent an acne breakout, you can in many cases reduce the risk of a break out. In order to prevent an acne breakout, you should recognize how many acne breakouts occur.

Acne breakouts occur usually due to sebum which is oil in the pores of the skin becoming clogged and infected with P. Acnes bacteria. P. Acnes bacteria feed off of sebum and are usually the main cause of acne. You can help prevent acne breakouts by reducing the amount of sebum being created in the skin’s pores, unclogging pores and removing sebum and P. Acne bacteria from the skin.

Wash Your Face Twice Each Day

You should wash your face twice each day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. When washing your face, use warm water, a soft cloth and soap that is sensitive and won’t harm your skin. Some people use anti bacterial soap to better fight P. acnes bacteria.

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Never Pop a Pimple Carelessly

If you have a pimple on your face, do not rub it or pop it carelessly. Popping a pimple can actually cause an acne breakout, because you are releasing sebum, P. acnes bacteria and other cellular material all over your face. Make sure you pop your pimple carefully and remove all the contents from the pimple so they do not stay on your face.

Consult with a Pharmacist or Dermatologist

Many people that suffer from acne should consult with their pharmacist or dermatologist to create a plan of action to reduce their acne breakouts. Most people need to experiment with different products before finding one that is right for their acne and skin type. Your dermatologist or pharmacist can help you find the right products that can not only help you fight your current acne, but also prevent a larger number of acne breakouts in the future.

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