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Acne Treatment UK

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Acne is major problem all over the world. Including UK, 80% of population of every country affected by this skin condition once in their life. If it is severe then it could cause depression in sufferers. There are many treatment options available for acne. Over the counter products, prescription medications and other skin therapies are designed to cure this problem. Every treatment does not work for everyone. Some people get rid of it by using over the counter products, some got their acne cured by taking prescription medicines and some could not get cured their acne even they try each and every treatment.

Acne is a hormonal problem and needs a proper treatment. If it is left untreated then it can get worse and becomes more depressing. Try all those treatments that treat real cause of acne. Many treatments are designed to disappear acne spots, they are temporary treatments and when you stop taking these treatments, acne appears again. Acne can not be cured completely until or unless you target a main cause behind it.

Dermatologist’s advice is very necessary before starting any treatment. They prescribe you treatments according to the severity of acne and skin type. Much treatment needs continuous monitoring to observe side effects and effectiveness of treatment. Following are some major treatment options which are very affective. 

Over the counter products:
Benzoyl peroxide is very effective treatment for treating acne. It is available as a main ingredient in many over the counter products in different concentrations. Your health advisor can guide you of whom concentration is affective for your skin type and severity. Salicylic acid is another best option to cure acne. Don’t use both products with each other.

Prescription medications:
Dermatologists prescribe you Retinoid for treating acne. These Retiniods try to balance your hormones and reduce redness. Retiniods are available with different brand names. Most affective retinoid for sever acne is Isotretinion (Accutane). But like every synthetic medicines, these medicines have some side effects as well. If these treatments do not work then dermatologist prescribe contraceptives, they regulate hormones in a body which cause acne. 

Other options of acne treatment:
Other surgical and non surgical treatment options are dermabrasion, micro dermabrasion, laser treatment and skin peeling. These treatments are bit expensive and needs more then one sitting. Their effectiveness depends on skin condition and severity of acne.

All these treatment options are easily available in UK. Every hospital have dermatologist who have all facilities to cure acne.

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