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Five Common Facts About Acne Treatments

May 10, 2010 by acnetrea  
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Everyone’s life has had some sort of issue with acne. This is especially true when you hit the teenage years. The acne seems to be a problem that is a constant in this time of life. The belief is that the female hormone cycle has a hand in the condition of hormonal acne and the acne treatments used to clear it. When you know what to look for with hormonal acne, you can begin to work to treat it. This is what was found to be true about it.

There Is No Growing Out

Many individuals believe that acne will go away with age. This is why some do not seek out acne treatments options because they believe it is not bad enough. Some adults have had acne since they were teenagers and have done nothing about it. This is sad because the advancements in treatment technology could have given them relief years ago. Hormonal treatment options are out there if you take the time to look. A dermatologist is the best place to start in the right treatment options for hormonal acne.

No Jokes

Unfortunately, there is always one person who has to make fun of those with acne. The acne ridden individual feels low and might even have a high level of stress on them. This stress only serves to make the acne worse. Studies show that a good number of unemployed individuals have acne and are the ones discriminated against when they try to get a job. Low self-esteem is a definite problem with severe acne and acne treatments for this is the best way to get your life back on track.

PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

PCOS is a common hormonal disorder in females. There is treatment available for it and it works well. Some things that come from having this syndrome are changes in the skin and hair due to large amounts of testosterone in the body. Facial and body hair are more prominent as is thinning of the hair. It even causes more acne to appear needing more advanced acne treatments regimen. If you find that your normal acne has suddenly worsened for no reason, it might be time to get tested for PCOS.

Past Puberty Years

Studies also show that if the acne you have comes on earlier, it is a probability that the severity of it will be higher for you. It might cause a problem for you medically and leave scars behind. Acne treatments should be started immediately and continued to prevent the scars from forming.

Testing For Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne tests should be completed if you see that more acne is appearing or hair growth has accelerated. If the test comes out positive, treatment for the hormonal issues can begin promptly. If PCOS signs are showing up, you should have this checked, as well. Acne treatments option work well for the hormonal acne and medication is available to help with the extra hair growth and other problematic symptoms. 

Hormonal acne is a problem that many people face and just learn to live with it. With all the advancements in technology, the new Acne Treatments options for hormonal acne are great. To find out about these treatments, see

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